Who wants to erase his Dropbox and uninstall, but should make sure all data before! Simply follow the instructions & Deleting an account. Using Dropbox can store data in a so-called cloud, so they can be accessed from other computers, devices and users at any time. For this, the download of Dropbox and no registration is necessary. Users who no longer wish to use the service must do both steps also reversed: So their Clear dropbox and uninstall the client.

erase his Dropbox with a few clicks

If your own Dropbox want to delete their own and also the shared data is removed on the Dropbox server. Files that are on your computer are not affected. Note that uninstalling the software but not enough on the user's own PC alone to completely delete the files. Only the simultaneous termination of the user account means that the files are also located on the servers of the file hosting service. How exactly can delete Dropbox explains the following guideline. Clear dropbox

What are the system requirements for Dropbox?

The associated software can be used with all computers running Windows, Mac OS X (2000 from Windows) (from 10.4) or Linux installed (from Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora Core from 9). An additional 512 MB of RAM is required. If Dropbox is used on the site, as well as a current browser is necessary. Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome, Opera 9+ and Firefox 3+ are recommended here.

So one's account is deleted

1&# 46; Step: Users paying subscribers of the file-sharing service are need to downgrade their account first, first. This can be done on the website of Dropbox. There, login and click on your own name. It opens an account menu; Click here to upgrade and choose the desired subscription. Delete Dropbox downgrade 2&# 46; Step: To then delete the account, you have to navigate to that page. Users that are not logged will now be asked to provide their e-mail address with password. Drop Box Log 3&# 46; Step: Now a new window in which the account is deleted permanently open. Enter the password again must be typed; an additional reason can be given why the service would no longer be used. Subsequently, the button can be pressed to delete my account. The account is deleted. Delete Dropbox Uninstall 4&# 46; Step: Now the Dropbox software can be uninstalled. This is most easily through the control panel in the menu item uninstall program realize.