The West

The West turns the browser into the dusty prairie expanses of the Wild West. The player takes one of four different roles in the Free Game and sets out to form a hardened Westerner from the virtual Greenhorn. As more or less honest worker, duelist with loose Colt, strapping soldier or intrepid adventurers pulling at The West in the game. As usual with RPGs, each Charkaterklasse brings their specific advantages and disadvantages. By doing various tasks to promote the capabilities of its game character and fills her purse. If you like, settles in a city and enjoys their protection - or is found to have a drink too much in the Saloon, sometimes ending duels offense involved. Entrepreneurial natures found in The West equal to their own settlement and ensure that they flourish and prosper as far as possible. Of course, in a real Wild West game, a poker table is a must. The West comes as a free-to-play game in the favorite browser. Those who want to deny the role play for free, must as usual in this model, take some disadvantages or create alternative against real coin a premium account.