iPadian mimics the surface of the iPad on Windows. The freeware brings the design of iOS on the monitor and provides a wide range of apps like mail access or Angry Birds with the same. A touchscreen you do not need, rather than with your fingers to navigate in iPadian with the mouse. iPadian uses Adobe Air ahead on the computer, the freeware requires in return but also no installation on Windows. The user is rewarded after the program start with the simulation of the iPad interface. Shortcuts to "Apps" lead instead of original applications to freely available web apps like an Asian online version of Angry Birds or "fake" App Store. In the dock are also shortcuts to some folder on the host computer as linking to "Documents" or "desktop", Apps for email and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter complete the iPad clone. The free iPadian transported a little iPad feeling under Windows. Since the free simulator simulates the mobile iPad system only superficially, no question of a full-fledged iPad emulator can be. In the collection of built-in iPadian web apps, however, one or the other software pearl hides.