Intel Core Series - Sidebar Gadget

Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget

The Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget brings a number of useful information to the desktop in Windows Vista and its successor suggests Windows 7. As the name in the famous widgets compact form, the functions of the Gadget exclusively for Intel Core processors to disposal.

Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget suitable download for several Intel Core processors

According to the supplier, the freeware for the following computing units is: **

  • Core Solo
  • Core Duo
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Core 2 Quad
  • Core i7
    ** Whether more CPUs from the Intel Core Series – supported Sidebar Gadget, let himself elicit no doubt, but User comments on the website of the manufacturer can be on Suitability of the widget for Core i5 processors conclude. As a sensible decision of the party, it proves also that the small informant is offered independent of the now-defunct Windows Live Gallery to download, so unlike many other gadgets to download our software offering to purchase remains the manufacturer’s , Also another development so will not be totally excluded.

Free sidebar Gagdet read detailed info for processor from

Information about the processor a bit too small application window

If you have the Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget Download installed, it will appear as usual in its genre, in the form of a small window in the sidebar of the Windows desktop. Enlarge the program interface, unfortunately, does not allow what already requires closer look to the to detect CPU information that provides the gadget ready. And their are quite a few, depending on the Met setting.

Gadget monitors CPU usage and temperature

Here would be the first each current utilization of the Intel Core processor to call, which is available in both a percentage and in the current GHz number for inspection. The percentage figure is also displayed separately for each existing computational core of the CPU. also is monitored with the Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget also the core temperature. For this, however, the installation of an additional driver is required. This was done without much effort by the settings of the widgets that can be reached by clicking on the wrench icon. The drive in question goes by the name WinRing0 and installed smoothly in the test.

Adjusting the value TjMax possible

In the – unfortunately held in English language – settings continue to be the switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature indication. Here, too, affects the so-called TjMax value in degrees Celsius. Reaches the core temperature, this threshold, the shut down computer to overheat and damage the processor to prevent. It should be noted in this context that Intel for each core processor to another TjMax value identifies and you therefore as far as possible should not make changes without prior research in this option.

Also determined overclocking values

Continue to meet users of the Intel Core Series – Sidebar Gadget download this program window to choose which values ​​are read from the gadget and how graphic form presents this. Who For example overclock its processor wants to tickle more performance out of the machine that makes the purpose Measure the maximum overclocking clock. Also free gadget can be instructed to capture the memory usage and see what happens in gigabytes values.

Free sidebar Gagdet read detailed info for processor from

Meaningful helpers, but enlarge desirable Finally, can, as already mentioned, adjust the visual appearance of the values ​​representation depending on your taste. Even with different backgrounds to equips the Intel Core Series – Sidebar gadget on request. But unfortunately, these options do nothing to change the principle a bit too small geratenen dimensions of CPU info center. Even if the size of the program window adapts to the number of monitored processor cores alleging provider, would be a zoom function, as they offer quite a lot of gadgets have been quite desirable. All in all there but otherwise on the Intel Core Series – nothing major to complain Sidebar gadget.