Boom Beach for Android

Boom Beach for Android

With the game Boom Beach it comes to protecting peaceful indigenous people and to free all the island groups of the Black Guard. This strategic game play, there is now finally available for Android smartphones.

The Boom Beach Android game and its principle

In Boom Beach is at game from Supercell, which is compared to many other strategy games for free download very easy to play, because the game principle is simple: The gambler has an island or even archipelagos and their Native from the hostile protect black Guard and always arrives at successful mission complete a level. In return, he can be attacked by the Black Guard again and again before it is to protect themselves. For this task he stand guard buildings, ships or troops available.

Boom Beach Android

Conditions and detailed game elements

Around Boom Beach Android To play, the passionate gamers need an Android smartphone with an operating system Android 4.0.3 or higher. After downloading the APK, the game can begin immediately: the user takes on the role of a commander and takes over with the help of his "team" the various tasks, including one to build a district, or to upgrade the building, troops or ships. This is done with gold or wood that has to be worked by the successful missions. The player should take the time after a victorious mission also because it is only protected for a short time from enemy attacks and so has the time to strengthen its defenses. he attacks just after a victory his opponent again, this protective time has flown. All this and much more is shown in the following video tutorial for Boom Beach Android again:

look & Feel the strategy game

The design of the free game is simple, easy and comically. The transitions between land and sea are abrupt and color clearly separated. Nevertheless, the game is very welcoming. Important when aesthetics is that the individual functions are clearly distinguishable from each other and the player at any time knows what he’s doing or need to do. but this is really clear at all times, especially as a "sergeant" the commander stands aside at any time.

Boom Beach Android Sergeant

The adventure game for everyone The game Boom Beach Android is a nice pastime for young and old, who is now enjoying finally go. The game is intuitive and easy to play and, moreover, free of charge. Only the additional tools to get faster in a higher level, must be paid. However, If you are patient need not whip out his credit card.