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What the world has been waiting for: A fun software that can be inferior short Selfie video clips with famous quotes from movies and television. The dubsmash app does just that and prepares users obviously a lot of fun. Everyone knows it, not just nerds and geeks: The manipulated images with which you put other people, often prominent people, but also cats, dogs, things or situations incorrect words in the mouth, usually humorous words and someone times as " has called Mem "or" memes ". The photos and text can be revised over and over again in a modified form and often quote it all the past Memes. If you will, makes the app dubsmash exactly the same, just with home videos instead of photos. tip: If you want to further alienate the videos may download more software for editing videos for free here.

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Easily video Memes produce the dubsmash app

Granted, at the words and sayings you are with dubsmash Android not quite as freely as in the photos. This has to do with the automated functionality of the app, but detracts from the fun factor and the popularity of the application obviously in any way. Here's how it works: After dubsmash app download, users can select a well-known quote from film or television and then take a short and suitable (or unsuitable) Fun video about this - and the "dubsmash" is ready and can at friends be sent.

Share videos with known audio quotes

Who always wanted to imagine the slick outfit and matching grimaces with the familiar words "Bond, James Bond" now has the opportunity to do so. Of known templates from film and television in any case there is no shortage. The well-known Meme "Challenge Accepted "is. This is a paraphrase of the famous TV series How I Met Your Mother. The character Barney Stinson thus takes over Marshall on the challenge of having sex with a mature woman. As the saying Meme dictum for the will was to take a challenging and difficult task. With the dubsmash app can also record a short video-selfie and send to friends and family this meme now.

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Movie quotes from Hangover to Breaking Bad

Too short song snippet, the video-selfie can be rotated. Depending on the mood and temper that may be of The Pointed Sisters or "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones "so Excited I'm" for example. Bart Simpsons "Ay caramba" is also here as "I am the Danger" of Breaking Bad or "There is a tiger in the bathroom" from the comedy Hangover with Zach Galifianakis.

made video Memes easily Do we need the dubsmash app? No! Will you have them? Definitely! An original way you can send a variety of messages with it, either by WhatsApp or SMS. The operation is simple. After downloading the app dubsmash simply select a quotation, record a short video selfie with matching lip movements to quote and have the video with quote sound is ready for sending.