With the Smart Driver Updater the Internet is searched for the latest drivers for specific devices, so they can be installed by just a mouse click. The automatic search in a time predetermined intervals is possible.

Smart Driver Updater download for current drivers

Of the Download Smart Driver Updater is straightforward and to the subsequent installation of the tool is ready for use. First, it starts after installation by itself and automatically performs a full scan. Here, the tool accesses a database of over 200,000 drivers back and their offer ranges from simple mouse over graphics cards to all modems.

Smart Driver Updater brings maximum efficiency

In addition to an automatic scan at the beginning of the installation, the user can make certain settings, such as to perform the check for new drivers at specific time intervals. This can be set daily, weekly or monthly. The program also created yet Backups of all drivers configurations and indicates moreover restore points. This can be of great advantage if the driver update does not function as desired. It should be noted that a driver update basically very worthwhile, because an updated computer is usually faster and more stable, as an outdated. So it can be said that the latest driver to get maximum efficiency from the computers.

Simple operation of the driving tools

As mentioned above, the tool performs an automatic scan after installation initially. If the tool is ready, it lists all found, outdated drivers to update this with another click. Here, the user can deselect but also some of the listed drivers and itself determines which drivers are actually updated.

Smart Driver Updater Download

but the user can also start the tool, in which he will open the program and click on the big green Scan button. The whole process is so easy that even computer amateurs Smart Driver Updater quickly master. He's also just to free download easy to use compared to other driver software and unique in its features.

Limitations of Smart Driver Updater

The trial version does not perform driver updates.