WhatsApp Emoji: what the images really mean

Hardly a message that no WhatsApp Emoji is sent. But the colorful images are sometimes much misunderstood. learn everything about the real meaning of the icons!

Who wants to send the images to the WhatsApp for Android download or after installation on iOS, must tap within the text field only to the little smiley left. It opens a separate keyboard with icons, which is divided between people, nature, objects, places and symbols. Besides the classic smileys there are also countless other Emoji like animals, plants, sports or food and drinks.

WhatsApp Emoji: These characters are often misunderstood

Actually, the small icons are considered to be clear and unambiguous. But far from it. Thanks to a wide variety of cultures in which the WhatsApp Emoji are sent, it is not easy to decipher the original meaning. This "translation error" thanks to the official Unicode descriptions can be enlighten.

The correct meaning of emoji

The steam schniefende Smiley is not furious or mercilessly sour, but triumphs of victory. WhatsApp Emoji

The downcast eyelids do not mean that the transmitter is sad or depressed, but simply thoughtful. WhatsApp Emoji Pensive Smiley

The cat face is especially popular when a shocking and shattering news was texted. However, the cat is not shocked; it is in this case for fatigue and exhaustion. WhatsApp Emoji cat

this Smiley also is not in shock, as falsely often accepted, it is flushed only with shame. WhatsApp Emoji erröteter Smiley

This Emoji is often used for raindrops, but its original meaning is splashing sweat and represents that someone just a bit much. WhatsApp Emoji effort

The two hands are not for a slugfest still a high five. On the contrary: This gesture is more meditative than expressive There are two hands joined in prayer. WhatsApp Emoji prayer

The facets of this lady be misunderstood completely in western culture. So the battered over the head hands are not a reaction to the incredible clumsiness or stupidity of others, but to represent what represents an O Okay. WhatsApp Emoji Okay

And this lady performs neither dances nor a martial art; they only want to make clear that something is wrong. WhatsApp Emoji Not Okay

The final version of the Pink Lady clarifies what it really is: A service force. The gesture is the question of how she could help. WhatsApp Emoji servcie

This WhatsApp Emoji very few can decipher at all. It is Kadomatsu, a complex arrangement of pine twos and bamboo, which is typical of the New Year in Japan. WhatsApp Emoji Kadomatsu

This building is not Hospital still an ordinary Hotel. This Emoji shows an infamous hour hotel where, for example, couples can enjoy themselves who still live with their parents. WhatsApp Emoji hours HotelSource: WhatsApp Emoji