Who specifically looking for a Search eBay sellers want, you can now use the advanced search the portal. learn more here and find dealers!

Meanwhile, around 5% of its sales in the German retail through online stores. Especially for unusual items the offers of the auction houses and specialty shops offer a practical alternative. Bargain hunters and collectors can easily browse simultaneously in many stores and get hold of cheap rarities. With the eBay Classifieds app you can even go on the smartphone to the digital flea market.Search eBay sellersTo find a particular eBay seller. (Screenshot: eBay / Editorial)Often sellers have specialized services just collectors like to use that again and again. Sometimes the shopping experience is negative and you want to come specifically to the dealer.

So can seek and find an eBay seller

First of all: The online auction site eBay and classified ads must be treated separately. Although both Internet platforms belong to a company that is completely different portals with different modes of operation.

Find a dealer on eBay

in which classical eBay for each member of a profile created. It is quite extensive disclosures. Since all financial transactions are handled through eBay, detailed information is given to each person. Both sides of the transaction must comply with certain rules and enjoy legal protection, minimizing the fraud risk. Buyers and sellers are rated by other members and are thus warned of unreliable members. Traders can open their own shops and also distribute their goods. These shops are to be found naturally. Accordingly simply can also search specifically for an eBay seller. For this, the website eBay is called first. To the right of the search bar, behind the Find button, you must click on the navigation point Advanced Search.

eBay Sellers Search extended(Screenshot: eBay / Editorial)

A page with many input options will appear. On the left side of the window are more filtering options. Here you will find a member among members of the sub-item is selected. Now be in the search of Seller's name, the name of the shop or even the e-mail address enter. Before the search starts, a verification code must be entered.

eBay Sellers Search instructions(Screenshot: eBay / Editorial)

In both name inputs matching and similar results are displayed. If one is looking for an e-mail address is specified for privacy only if a profile with this contact information is registered. More information will only be provided if you are in a transaction with the corresponding member.

Seller Search on eBay Classifieds vain

The classifieds are a digital form of the well-known newspaper advertisements the Second Hand. All transactions and sales are concluded directly between individuals and a buyer protection is not given. Here, too, each user must register with the platform, but for a working e-mail address is sufficient. There is in these cases no extensive profiles in which additional data is stored. The information given is only of the administration and are not passed from the portal. Only the first name and, in some cases, the telephone number used to identify. A mask with which you can search specifically in the classifieds for a particular eBay seller, does not exist. A vendor search beyond the usual box also remains unsuccessful.