Coloring Pages for adults ideal for rest and relaxation. There are 14 designs in different levels of difficulty. Just free download, print, paint and calm down!

Coloring: adults find their inner child

Actually, coloring pages for children, but now have are sexy coloring books, anti-stress coloring books, coloring books with optical illusions, a coloring book of Vogue and even a "time you slim" coloring book. But why spend money for the templates when you can download the coloring pages for adults one for free, and then print. So how do these 14 subjects, covering different categories of templates. Of Japanese-inspired art deco motifs, geometric formations and mandalas to mythical figures, the download both for each offers the right subject and the right level of difficulty.

Coloring adultsThe coloring pages for adults have very different motives. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

As coloring reduces stress

Here, you can not white out of hand the relaxing effect of Ausmalens. There are various reasons:

  • Once you've started coloring, one is fast in the "flow". It focuses on the colors and shapes and forgets to-dos and worries. The brain gets it were a short break - at least in terms of the stress factors.
  • The sensory experience of color, harmony and contrasts and combinations are a very special pleasure - comparable to a good meal or sunbathing.
  • The coloring fosters creativity and concentration by new color combinations or painting techniques can be tried out and you have to focus on the complex motives.
  • Relaxing is the distance from PC and mobile phone: The coloring of mobile phone released by the digital stress of modern times.
  • Imagine appeals to both halves of the brain: both the logical page in the coloring of the forms and the creative in combining the colors. This creates harmony between the two sides and you feel more balanced.
  • The coloring takes us back to childhood, in situations where you felt safe. you can actively remember while painting and enjoy the relaxing effects of this positive feeling.

Just print it and get started

Who can not be convinced by these arguments, it should convince them of the positive side effects of the Ausmalens themselves. Simply coloring adults in the desired format to print and paint going on. If the results at the beginning are still not satisfactory, it does not matter. The motifs can be printed as many times as you enjoy it. The video reveals tips on how the coloring even more successful: