Of the Rename Expert Download offers many different ways to transfer files to give a new name. Optionally, one reaches this predefined actions back or create your own specifications. And they can be surprisingly complex.

Rename Expert download with a variety of settings

A clearly structured user interface, ease of use and a variety of settings and filters make it possible to rename the Rename Expert, files and folders comfortable and reliable. In addition many functions are available, such as replacing, inserting, moving individual name parts, automatic numbering of files and folders, changing the upper / lower case, inserting metadata from Exif & Co. and and and ... Rename Expert is suitable for frequent & Often renamer to almost - make sure the highest practical action lists. Here users combine any number of actions and store it for later use. Before renaming the preview helps visualize the upcoming changes and gives an indication of any potential conflicts.

Rename Expert stands out from many other Umbenennern. A reasonable range of possible actions, together with programmable action lists make repeated use, especially light, airy and the user interface ensures a good feeling.

Rename Expert Download

Limitations of Rename Expert

Renames max. 10 files / folders at once to.