Picture Surveying

Picture Surveying

With image-measuring refer user Measurements from digital images. Thus, the length of lines in scanned or electronically present site plans can be determined very accurately, for example.

Paths and areas calculated by the image measurement download

Since picture Surveying involving the appropriate benchmark for its task, the demo will save their users cumbersome and error-prone rework with the calculator. moreover the surveyor carries the values ​​determined directly in the graphic. Alternatively, image-measuring exports the dimensions as a CSV file. This format can be opened smoothly with Office programs such as Excel for further processing. The image itself can be saved or printed including the added dimensions, connections.

Picture Surveying Download

make measurements of scanned drawings

The image measurement download is ideal to to make measurements on an image, such as a scanned plan. The user defines initially a scale determined by specifying a known length of the route. Now he can measure distances or the total length of a winding path very reliable. The area and the perimeter of a polygon, rectangle, circle or ellipse can also identify with the little shareware tool.

Text can be placed anywhere on the screen

The operation of the program turns out after Picture Surveying Download and the installation to be quite straightforward. The Measuring elements are simply drawn with the mouse over the image. These can be later moved nor at any time and change. Elements can provide you with names and be placed anywhere on the screen texts. On request, changing the text outlined represent, as this somewhat increases the readability. The fonts, sizes and color are just as freely adjust the colors of the measuring elements. Zoom, line width and length of the arrow, the user selects a mouse click.

Screen measuring dimensions Download

Picture Surveying now supports inclined tracks

In the current version of the shareware can now be also Measure inclined tracks, For example, the length of a sloping roof. For this, only the angle of inclination must be known. In addition, images can be 1: 1 printed at the selected scale. To equalize distorted images before the measurement, the user accesses the originating from the same manufacturer Photogrammetric image rectification. More photo tools are available in our software catalog for free download. Distances and areas surveyed in aerial photos on the PC Image measuring measures distances in a picture, which is particularly important for aerial views of interest. The user can one Set scale and paths and areas accurately calculate. On request, he adds labels and stores the measurement results in CSV format – the latter but only in the full version.

Limitations of image-measuring

32 days trial version that prints not be exported or