Rough around the edges, but goes to the house: For a limited time is Electronic Arts as part of the campaign of the same the action Kracher Battlefield 3 for free for download - grab it here is the motto.

Battlefield 3 download for free for a short time

As with EA for Battlefield 3 download now common for an installed Origin client requirement. This then draws a whopping additional 20 gigabytes of data retrospectively from the net - but it has then in itself. On an individual level as well as in multiplayer or co-op games you plunges into battles that have the name Stahlgewitter more than deserved. Whether one slips or after download of Battlefield 3 in the uniform of the storm or supply soldiers operated as a pioneer or reconnaissance, depends entirely on the personal preferences of each individual. As usual in games of this genre each of the classes has their individual skills that influence the behavior of the game in this first person shooter.

download battlefield 3

Just a short time: Battlefield 3 download for free

So is the storm soldiers in Battlefield 3, the fire most powerful assault rifle used open, and he can operate on the battlefield as a healer, and arouse even dead comrades to life. Pioneers, however, fix the total of 43 different categories of vehicles and aircraft and anti-tank rockets. As Support widerum providing for supply of ammunition, mines and puts verschie├čt via mortar explosive and smoke grenades. Finally, the reconnaissance eliminated opponents not entirely fair, but elegant with his sniper rifle and observed enemy movements using drones and / or motion detectors.

The choice of game mode is left to its own Gusto after Battlefield 3 download. In single game you are involved in the form of a campaign in the struggle of the US against a PLR-called terrorist organization. This is the border between Iran and Iraq after its sinister goings, but operates for example also in Paris. The action has been completed in the meantime. Our software catalog, however, find with Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free free spin-off of the series.

Battlefield 3 download: free for a short time

The co-op play is played online and for two. Six specially tailored missions in three levels of difficulty will be successfully completed here. Since this mode will unlock new and more effective weapons for the multiplayer game, it is to some extent be seen as a precursor for this supreme discipline in Battlefield third Who dares to this mode, the bullets fly up to 64 counterparties around the ears that it is a real beauty, and the other in variations such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and several ... Note: The free download of Battlefield 3 is only open until June 3, 2014. Who unfortunately missed this promotional period, which is certainly in our software catalog appropriate shooting games for free download.