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With the app the user will receive the popular travel and booking portal as a mobile version of the smartphone. The travel application has everything that is possible on the PC. It also synchronizes the own account shows with just a tap hotels near and helps in the selection of over 40 million real guest reviews. app: For spontaneous last minute holiday

Not everyone is planning his vacation months in advance. Many decides on a spontaneous city break during a long weekend or escape the bad weather for a few Tage Sommer, sun and beach. Even business trips sometimes come shortly snowed into the house and require a quick search for accommodation. For this and other travel plans, the app worth downloading all. The Android application brings together more than 600,000 accommodation in an app. app

App of meets all travel needs

Everyone goes in finding suitable accommodation differently: Some are looking for the cheapest accommodation next to one near the beach and still others rely on guests’ opinions. All these criteria are included in the app. Users can start their search with towns, sights or hotel name. The selection of offers can be sorted by price, supply and guest rating. Thanks to various filters, such as price, city areas, facilities, etc., the selection may be limited. For all spontaneous travelers, the hotels See nearby. For a better overview you can switch to map view. App Filters

The portfolio of the app are also not only hotels. Also guest houses, villas, apartments, etc. are used in the search. Overall, the range covers more than 70,000 destinations from around the world.

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Lodging super fast, remember Dream Destinations

As simple as finding the right hotel, simple as well as the remaining settlement with the app. The entire user interface is intuitive for a structured and clear. Secondly, you can log in with their user account and all the data is synchronized with the app. Thus, the book easy, entering the personal data, etc. is eliminated.

Who wants not only coming, but also the following and the next and hold all dream goals for the future, may make a travel wish list with different lists. In this dream destinations, the user can then from any device – access – provided he is registered.

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With the travel app more flexibility – also on site

With the app Download the traveler but still enjoys other advantages. The printing of the book is omitted, the confirmation can be easily made available offline. This not only check-in easier. Travelers can drift away completely. Whom it in a place like that just hangs still there a few days. Arises spontaneously not of scheduled stop in a charming village, as available via the app hotels nearby are found quickly. Other reservations can just as easily be reversed via smartphone.