Windows 7 Adjusting the volume for each program

Not only media player give sounds. Flash animations on websites and alert draw attention by the soundscape up. Windows 7 can, however, regulate not only the volume globally.

Windows 7 individually regulate volume

Windows users will be formally flooded in his daily work of many sounds. In previous versions of Windows, you could adjust the volume only global. A sound regulator increased or decreased the overall volume. Since Windows Vista, you can set the volume individually. Windows 7 also allows in addition to the global run control setting the rules for individual programs. Thats how it works: Windows 7 volume control

  • On the taskbar, click the speaker icon, and then click mixer.

  • If the speaker icon should not be displayed, then follow these steps first: Click the right mouse button on a free space in the system tray (for example, next to the clock) and select Customize notification icons. Call enable or disable system icons to choose from, behind "volume" On and confirm 2x OK.

  • , A separate controller is displayed for each program that accesses the sound driver in the window that opens. Adjust the volume as desired. It is conceivable, for example, Firefox (and thus the flash sound output) runterzufahren by providing access to the MP3 player louder. The separate volume control is also under Vista. Windows 7 Volume Mixer.

Adjust the volume with the mouse wheel

VolumouseThem it is too annoying every time for the volume control to call up the audio options? In this case, makes Volumouse valuable services. The freeware adjusts the volume with a combination of hot key and mouse wheel. When choosing the key combination the user has almost all freedoms. And if you really should be for silence again, then turn off the sound just on mute. wishes happy quiet to loud moments.