The password from the blade guard Forgot? No problem! This guide shows how to use the Excel Unprotect Sheet can - even without the password? Here continue making smart and at the table!

Users can protect their tables using the blade guard against unauthorized edits and overrides for the Microsoft Excel 2013 Download. Those who use the feature, you should remember the password or write down somewhere to themselves work at a later date at the Excel spreadsheet. Where you can then type the password again, we show below. In addition, we have found a way for forgetful users, overturn the blade guard without a password.

Excel Unprotect Sheet

Unprotect Sheet With Excel Password

The first variant is only interesting for users who have the password ready. For example, if you get a table by a colleague or friend with corresponding password to make changes in it. We show where the password is used.

  • First, the corresponding Excel spreadsheet is opened.
  • In the menu bar, the user clicks on the tab then check.
  • There, the option sheet protection will cancel. These clicks on the user and a small window will open.
  • Now the password is entered and the table is again free to make changes.

Excel sheet Unlock with password

Sheet Unprotect without password

Users who make regular use of the blade guard should know that this is not really reliable protection. Sun can be canceled blade guard without a password of Excel. But one must not even be hackers or possess IT skills. For those who have forgotten their password or lost, which is obviously a blessing. but who manages sensitive data via Excel, to further security mechanisms should operate.

To cancel an additional tool is required

In Excel usually XML files are used, the Zip files are relatively similar in type ago. Therefore, programs are used to zipping and Unzip for levering the password. For example, you can use 7-Zip, based on this tool, the operation is described:

Excel sheet Unprotect 7-Zip

  • First, the user makes a right click on the file and then select the menu below 7-Zip "Open."
  • Then, at the top level of the folder "xl." selected. Inside is the "worksheets" folder where turn files named "sheet1.xml" and "sheet2.xml" etc. are to be found. The number of "sheets" is dependent on the number of sheets.
  • The first worksheet is pulled out of the program and stored as desired, e.g. on the desktop.

Code change the file

To remove the Excel worksheet protection, the user must manipulate the code.

  • For this, the user opens this sheet1.xml file with an editor. This can be Notepad ++, Wordpad or Windows Notepad.

Excel sheet Unlock Code

  • In the code salad of users now search using the key combination Ctrl + F for a specific term. What this is, depends on the Excel version.
    • Option 1: password: Whoever finds this word, clears after the equal sign the text in quotation marks so that at the end of = "" remains password.
    • Option 2: Behind a less-than sign the term sheet protection: Here the user deletes all entries behind the term until the angle bracket (greater-than sign) closes again so that sheet protection remains between the two brackets.
  • Finally - and this applies to both versions - the changes are saved and pulled the file back to the Excel file in 7-Zip.
  • Now you can open the Excel spreadsheet and easily pick up the Excel sheet protection on the menu, because a password is no longer requested.