Windows Design Change: New Windows 10 Theme 2023

Windows Design Change: New Windows 10 Theme

be who Change Windows Design wants, has more than 400 different designs to choose from, Windows, Microsoft provides 10 users readily available. We show you how it works!

Windows Design Change Made Easy

Whether you the theme packages "Themes" or "designs" calls – the result is the same: the Windows desktop and all windows are beefed up and get a completely new look. The Windows 10 designs download not only changes the desktop background image, but also the Windows sounds and colors of the application window. As the name suggests, the Windows 10 are intended themes specifically for the new operating system from Microsoft. They can easily be used on its predecessors Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 but partly.

Change Windows Design

Step 1: seek out Matching Themenpaket

When Windows Change Design users initially will be spoiled for choice. It is not easy to pick out the right free theme pack from the wealth of Windows 10 designs. after all, the content categories provide on pages from Microsoft for some structure and order: are available for selection the following areas: Selected designs, animals, art – illustrations, art – photography, cars, games, holidays and seasons, films, wonders of nature, places and landscapes, plants and flowers, branding designs from the community, Panorama for two monitors, designs with sound Compatible with Windows 7 and compatible with the new Windows.

Change Windows Design Search

The Windows 10 user is in the lowest category "Compatible with the new Windows" find. These designs are tested with their background images, window colors and sounds specifically for use with Windows 10 and give the complete user according to the personal taste of the user a new garment. 4 to 21 images 10 Theme on board each time Windows. Using the example of Windows 10, we show themes Abstract dark how the exchange works.

Step 2: Download Design

How does one exchanges the Windows 10 design against a new one? This is very simple and straightforward. The user must also have no doubts that there could be adjustments by the problems with the system files. Our select Free Design Abstract dark presents abstract forms such as smoke, gears, springs and circuits. First, the user clicks on the desired design on details to find out about all the details, so appearance and number of images recorded, and window colors. Download With another click on the button design is done the exchange.

Change Windows Design Download

Step 3: Exchange of design

The following is a "Open or save"Query in which the AbstractsDark.themepack file is not stored on the hard disk and then loaded by click or open just above the control panel either. In both cases, in the Control Panel under Appearance and Personalization > Adaptation > Own design to see a new theme and this has completely replaced the previous one, as it also shows the perspective on their own desktop wallpaper. Those who want to return to the old Windows look back, just click on the desired Windows design in the list.

Change Windows Design Exchange