Dragonica, which means a brashly colorful game world and sweet game figurines in anime style. But beware: The little ones have it in them! The free online game combines RPG and arcade elements and into a world, have declared war on the dragons of mankind. A variety of exciting adventure and mystery awaits the inclined role players, but with a not insignificant feature: designed Unlike the usual vastness of a game world in which you have to orient first Dragonica is a sidescroller. So you look in the style of classics like the game scene Giana Sisters & Co. from the side to the characters and follows a more or less fixed path on the way to the liberation of the people. The pieces can be adjusted almost at will. The four classes of warrior, mage, archer and rogue bring each with its own style, which can be personalized detailed from the toe to the hair. Dragonica is fun and confident in addition to the free-factor with a smooth gameplay and really fancy graphics. If you like colorful worlds and cute little figurines with gehörigem Hau-top potential, but is hopelessly lost in the usual giant worlds of popular online role-playing games, is guaranteed to do well here. By the way: In the download area a Game client is found. This invites more scarce two and a half gigabytes of game data from the manufacturer server.

Limitations of Dragonica

The game is free, additional items can be purchased in the online shop.