Of the Cleaning Suite Download provides a whole range of useful tools available to clean the system and eliminate redundant data. The complete cleaning worth it as is well known, more and more garbage of all kinds accumulates on almost any Windows system, which weakens the speed and system performance.

Cleaning Suite Download: Complete cleaning of the system

Orphaned registry entries to unnecessary car starters the Cleaning Suite deletes all unnecessary considered deposits in the system. If accidentally but once a file has been deleted too much, the user can be reversed at any time certain actions the software using the Restore Center. If desired, the cleaning staff moves the files to be deleted in the Windows Recycle Bin. So together, there is an uncomplicated recovery of data if the trash has not yet been emptied.

Cleaning Suite Download

The Cleaning Suite performs report on all deletions

The Cleaning Suite performs meticulous report on all activities. The user can in a detailed journal trace the complete history of the use of the program and see when and what data was sent by the System Cleaner to Datennirwana. The following six tools are Cleaning Suite download includes:

  • Startup Cleaner
  • Uninstaller
  • Drive Cleaner
  • registry Cleaner
  • recycler
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Startup Cleaner

Unwanted Car Starter can be eliminated

The Startup Cleaner provides for the right to delete individual unwanted startup components. In this way you can speed up the startup behavior of the Windows operating system and provide higher performance, because not constantly programs and services running in the background that the user does not need.

The uninstaller deletes orphaned software entries

Useful is also the Uninstaller, which provides some additional features compared to the Windows tool. He cares about the deletion of orphaned software items and around the targeted uninstalling software and system components. Thanks to detailed information about each program, the unnecessary applications are easier to identify.

The DriveCleaner disposed of cookies and history lists

The Drive Cleaner deletes Windows temporarily stored data, cookies and browser history lists. The registry cleaner, however, discarded remnants in the Windows registry database that were left behind when uninstallation of programs.

Cleaning Suite Download Cleaner

The Memory Cleaner optimizes memory

It continues with the recycler that takes care of the Windows Recycle Bin and empty it periodically. The deactivation of the Recycle Bin is available on request. The Memory Cleaner finally takes to empty the clipboard and a complete optimization of RAM. Elaborate complete cleaning of the system The Cleaning Suite Download ensures safe and traceable cleaning of the system and hard drives. The handling is simple, the surface is very clear. No more information is required to be permanently removed at the request of the hard drives and from the memory, and solved the annoying brake system efficiently. The freeware provides a thoughtful and comprehensive complete cleaning of the system.

Limitations of Cleaning Suite

Freeware for private use