Might & Magic Heroes 7

With the Might & Magic Heroes 7 Download the popular turn-based strategy game from Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft is entering a new round. Fans of the genre can look forward to exciting fights in a very detailed drawn fantasy world and an elaborate economic system. The official Might & Magic Heroes 7 release takes place on 29 September 2015. Three different editions will be available.

Might & Magic Heroes 7 Download with solo campaign and duel mode

Might & Magic Heroes 7 also reaches back to role-playing elements and draw upon the rich graphics on Unreal Engine 3, with changingworks exceptionally vivid weather conditions and dynamic lighting. There is in the new edition of the strategy game, a single player campaign as well as a duel mode with LAN and hot seat options. Especially important: The authenticity of the classic Might & Magic Heroes series is guaranteed. The game will receive as a bonus a jazzed up, advanced graphics and a clever game mechanics.

Might & amp; Magic Heroes 7 Download

Fantasy universe with RPG elements

For background story: Might & Magic Heroes 7 puts the gamer in a fantasy universe. He ends up as the Duke in a civil war, which unleashed after the death of the Empress in the battle for the throne and bring about the change of the ruling of the Holy Empire Dynasty. After the murder of the Empress an empire remains in flames and several rivals to claim the vacant throne. Herzog Ivan manages to keep a cool head and drummed together his six loyal adviser and confidant to find a way to end the bloody war over the succession of power.

Battles with creatures of all kinds

The Duke has some way to go from now on he has to look after both the discovery and conquest of an enchanted world as well as to developing and managing the economy. It will consist battles with creatures of all kinds and heroes of power & build magic with hundreds of different abilities and powerful artifacts.

Might & amp; Magic Heroes 7 Download Strategy Game

Control of six fractions

The player can take control of six factions, each with very different creatures and heroes. The extensive solo campaign about 60 hours of game content are offered. Infinite replayability promise by the manufacturer which Scharm├╝tzel- and Duellmodi. The popular hotseat multiplayer mode can not be missed and the LAN battles are back on board.

Might & amp; Magic Heroes 7 Download battles

Gamers can in Might & participate Magic Heroes 7 at the Game Development

More interactivity than usual after the Might & Magic Heroes announced 7 Download: Players can actively participate by joining the Shadow Council's website, enrich the game with their own contributions and thus also participate in the game development itself. Might & Magic fans agree there for two of the six groups and promote their favorite features. Particularly interesting is the ability to chat directly with the developers and to address it points to comment on which the gamers particularly on the heart. Another strategy games for free download, our versatile Games catalog.