congstar Forgot your data - what to do?

congstar Forgot your data – what to do?

With the congstar Login the customer has a fast and direct access to its maps, contracts, balances and invoices available. We show in this guide how the user logs in an uncomplicated way and what he can do if he can not access his personal congstar Customer Center. More below!

Fast congstar login with user name / ID and password

Registration with the congstar login is very simple in principle: The user inputs, either via the meincongstar app download or through the congstar login page in the Web browser, its own client data. The meincongstar Login consists of two superimposed input fields, both of which must be filled with the correct data, to access the customer. The top entry field accepts either their own user name or customer number, the lower field the personal password. Thereafter, the user clicks the Login button and let the personal congstar Customer is open.

congstar LoginFor the congstar login a correct password is required.

congstar Password Forgot? Simply enter a new via link

If the user name or customer number have been forgotten, these can bring certainly without much difficulty in experience. It is more difficult with the assigned password to login meincongstar. Those who can not remember, click on the congstar login page on the link Forgot your password? The forgetful congstar customer enters after his customer number and the mobile operator sends once a helpful link to your e-mail address.

So you can quickly and easily create a new password and sign in congstar. Another tip: If you do not know their customer number, you can find for example on the order confirmation e-mail, on the letter or on any bill at top right.

congstar Forgot PasswordWho has forgotten his congstar password can assign a new.

If you have problems and the customer service will help congstar

Who still has trouble meincongstar Login, uses the congstar customer service and may be help in this way as a regular customer with problems of all kinds to get proper access to his cards, contracts, balances and invoices again. The Customer meincongstar contains all the important information about their own contract or prepaid cards.

The customer may, among other things charge the credit congstar after login, view their bills, manage personal data, change the tariff, book new tariff options or even order a replacement card congstar. The address data can be viewed and at any time under the menu item My products change in meincongstar Customer Center. With the change of address congstar contract and the billing address is adjusted accordingly.