The SoundHound App examines and identifies music played on the radio or the environment. no longer is a melody out of your head, it can be simply presums the SoundHound app or -Sing - the Shazam alternative yet recognize even the roughest vocal arts the original song. Simply the orange button press and even the songs are detected. In addition, the Android app provides many useful additional functions such as the display of lyrics, a share feature, a video streaming service as well as access to the music store. The SoundHound app is basically free and funded by advertising. Who is bothered by it, can buy an ad-free version of the music recognition service for almost six euros.

SoundHound app which offers useful functions

With the music recognition software, users can not only identify their favorite songs, but the SoundHound app is a small round package. With numerous useful functions can be completely dive into the world of music. After starting the SoundHound app easy on the orang-colored circle in the center of the display press forward the software searches the right song. Here SoundHound offers in contrast to competitor Shazam the possibility nachzusingen also songs or humming. Upon detection of the song the user is not only an artist and song displayed. The database offers texts and all the interesting facts about the album and artist. In the bottom of the display you will find - if it exists - all You-Tube videos that match the search query. With a click can be the recognized transfer song in the playlist. Depending on the preference of the user Spotify or Rdio are available, alternatively users can also song or album through a direct link from the Google Play Store erwerben.Hier again all features at a glance:

  • recognize sung, hummed or currently playing song: Music recognition
  • Karoke function: Show texts parallel to the music
  • Database: All the important information about albums, artists and bands
  • Streaming: watch YouTube Music Videos
  • Reviews: For songs and albums
  • share songs on Facebook or Twitter: Sharing
  • Playlists: Add songs to Spotify- or Rdio playlist
  • download songs directly from the Google Play Store: Store

SoundHound App

What's coming? What's going on? - Current music trends with SoundHound

The SoundHound app is not only suitable Heard or to search sung songs. The app offers many opportunities to discover trends and browse for new favorites. or can be displayed in the Browsed most wanted songs in the world, the software provides innovative ways to be musical entertainment to date - if you look at the 50 most popular songs of the week - filtered by genres such as urban, rock and electronic. The world map with the most wanted songs is actually a little highlight. So you look, for example, in Brunswick still Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 U - a song that is nevertheless already over 25 years old. Thus the SoundHound app provides not only all kinds of information for a certain entertainment value.