With the Immo world Download to house hunters get the offer of the same web portal on the Windows computer or their tablet and smartphone. In addition to accommodation search the free application also provides links to interesting current topics that have been prepared by the editors.

Immo world Download with search for apartments & Houses

The core of the Immo world but, of course, the search for free apartments, houses and commercial real estate. In the corresponding search screen you will enter the desired location and possibly a district and specify the type of property. In addition, the search can be in terms of space, limiting the number of rooms and rental, also takes the freeware contrary wishes concerning the equipment.

Immo world Download

The map shows the specific location

Clicking further informed Immo world then to the current offer, including details if they have been deposited by the landlord or real estate agent. Using a map to learn the location of the relevant property. Those who can not decide quickly or wants to add interesting ads added to an electronic notepad which can be viewed at any time later. So guaranteed to find accommodation not far from the dream place to live, but it helps at least get started in the right direction.