Of the GUZLE download turns the PC into a jukebox. Thanks to Kiosk mode, the access to other programs and system settings can prevent it.

GUZLE Download as player with touch screen interface

GUZLE is like a MP3 player with touch-screen interface. For commercial use in bistros etc. thought guests choose just their favorite from a list, which then must be seen within the queue of the playlist. Alternatively, visitors click through the song lists of individual genres or find individual pieces targeted by search function. The division into different genres's easy on the hand by copying the relevant pieces into folders. is operated GUZLE either with mouse and keyboard, or even using the touch screen. These stands for text input specifically a virtual keyboard ready - the way can be also controlled by mouse, which even eliminates the need for an additional keyboards.

Bottom line GUZLE is easy to use and does the job - but nicely done differently. Visually and in terms of use here is absolutely room for improvement. Nevertheless, the idea is good, the application works and for such a small money get gastro operators probably no other program.

GUZLE download

Limitations of GUZLE

The trial version can manage up to seven titles each playlist