At the Homeworld Remastered Download is it a new version of the real-time strategy game Homeworld and Homeworld 2, which were published in the years 1999 to 2004 by Relic Entertainment and distributed by Sierra Entertainment. The space strategy games have now received a modern graphics and new ship models as well as support for HD and 4K. Furthermore, it's all about a mother ship and expanding its own fleet, which leads the player strategically in three-dimensional space battles,

Homeworld Remastered Download: Contemporary continuation of the space adventure

The classic Homeworld was mainly thanks to the full freedom of movement in all three spatial dimensions are many followers who are sure to enjoy a modern continuation of the space adventure. After Relic Entertainment was acquired by THQ, fell the rights to the Homeworld series of THQ. Some of the Relic-founder and Homeworld developers got out and founded Blackbird Interactive, to develop its own space RTS without Homeworld rights. In 2013, THQ went bankrupt and the rights to the game titles, including the real-time strategy series Homeworld were auctioned off and went for 1.35 million US dollars of Gearbox Software. The original developers are partly back on board, a cooperation of Gearbox with Blackbird Interactive was announced.

Homeworld Remastered Download

For fans of space battles and real-time strategy games

The biggest advantages of the Homeworld are the excellent implementation of the three-dimensionality of the cosmos and the ability to take the fleet built from mission to mission and develop. Of course, the player must have a soft spot for space battles and real-time strategy games. A good orientation ability can not hurt, either, because maneuvering in 3D space turns out to be not so easy and provides the tactician in front of so many challenges.

Homeworld and Homeworld 2 have been cleaned up

The Homeworld Remastered download provides friends of Space classics not only revamped versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, but also a comprehensive multiplayer mode. The player can even muster its built in both games fleets to today. For nostalgic gamers inspired the game box also contains the original versions of classic games. unfortunately "Homeworld: Cataclysm" not represented because its source code is gone apparently lost in the confusion of the acquisition. More classic games are available for free download in our software catalog.

Homeworld Remastered download space battles

The Homeworld Remastered Collection download is available via Steam

The player has to make do with the original missions, since no additional inserts or other bonuses are represented. Buyers of the limited Collector's Edition can provide an illuminated mothership statue on the desk. Unfortunately, this collector's edition is only available as an import on Amazon US and UK. Those who are late here, has to make do with the download Homeworld Remastered Collection. This will be published exclusively on Steam and costs 32 euros. The voice acting is done in English. Menu texts and subtitles can also be displayed in German.