Of the Open Broadcaster Software Download turns your own computer, both a television and a radio studio. The free recorder recorded video and audio signals and transmits them as a live stream in real-time in the World Wide Web.

stream via Open Broadcaster software download live on the Internet

For this purpose uses Open Broadcaster software as online portals such as JustinTV or Dailymotion, but streams optionally on user-defined registered server. Since the freeware alternative first stores its images on the hard disk, they can be revised later if necessary and publish to YouTube and Co.. Open Broadcaster software allows the user a free hand, what content to include or transferred. In so-called scenes to set about the events in a program window that signal a webcam, still images or text overlays together into a stream or source.

Open Broadcaster Software Download

In the settings, the user specifies any of many sources to be streamed. In a preview, you can watch the stream in advance and - if everything is working correctly - also start the same. Useful also prove to plugins, which reduce the microphone noise or optimize Open Broadcaster Software for recording of gaming videos. For resourceful and experienced users is an API that enables very own plugins can be developed, which can be definitely a great thing the PC transmitter.