Atlantis Word Processor offers more than just basic functions to process texts. In addition to standard features such as headers and footers or insert a link, the shareware has a way of T9 on board. As is known from mobile phones, one such tool automatically completes commenced words. In Atlantis Word Processor, this tool Power Type calls and acts capable of learning. It analyzes the personal writing behavior of the user, thus ensuring over time more and more accurate proposals to choose from. Suggestions in German language to deliver, but the German language file must be copied to the program directory. Selbige found next to the actual program download in the download area. In addition, Atlantis Word Processor also takes care of data security and privacy. Who want to deny access to its documents to unauthorized persons, providing them with an encryption. Atlantis Word Processor also provides functions such as backup and autosave. Unlike the competition, text editing automatically but sets stored documents in a separate folder so that older versions are not overwritten.

Limitations of Atlantis Word Processor

30 day trial.