With the Juke download lands an easy-to-use multimedia player on the computer. The freeware supports playlists and comes with popular video and audio formats such as AVI and MP3 cope.

Juke Download with random mode when playing music

For Juke, the user lurches in an Art Explorer window through the folder structure of the hard drive in search of abspielbarem audio and video material. For video playback the player enters free on request in the windowless mode. Playlists may be of any length and a random mode makes when playing music for a change in the freeware. Support for playback of file formats such as WAV, MID, MP2, MP3, MOD, AVI, MPG, MOV and other complete Juke. Juke provides multimedia entertainment on the PC. The freeware convinces with a straight operation, in terms of program design, the gray mouse but could use some facelifts.

Juke download