Of the Easy Poster Printer Download created exceptionally large poster with conventional A4 printers. By sticking together of individual sheets of paper to poster sizes up to 20x20 meters can be realized.

Easy Poster Printer Download: glue together pages seamlessly into a XXL poster

In the main view of Easy Poster Printer first select one at the image and the output size of the poster to create. Based on the dissolution of the starting material the shareware scaled the subject on the corresponding number of pixels. In an integrated preview Easy Poster Printer presents a thumbnail of the poster, showing how many individual sheets are required to print the subject in the desired size.

Easy Poster Printer Download

After printing, the pages can be seamlessly glued together to form a poster XXL. Easy Poster Printer makes the production of "oversized" Posters conventional home printers to a simple endeavor. the user needs a certain amount of finger dexterity only for the seamless merging of images mosaic.