With the Tip Liese Download Manage adventurers pools coupons of various lotteries. The shareware evaluates the German lotteries 6 from 49, 77 and game Super 6th the Tipper enter up to 40 lottery tickets per file, random tips can be entered for each box with a mouse click.

Tip Liese download shows past lottery numbers

Moreover Tip Liese leads using a database book about past lottery numbers. This imports the shareware on request from CSV files. Those who want to indulge in the illusion of a higher chance of winning by system game, which also have to lineups too often drawn balls. Conveniently Tip Liese prints the reports directly out of the program. So the helper facilitates the flow of information during the game in betting pools.

Tip Liese Download

Limitations of Tip Liese

30 day trial