From costing about creating offerings to their billing after the job is finished foreman's office done completely a variety of tasks in the cottage industry. Depending on the configuration, the shareware also makes them useful when importing bills and the allowance of the construction sites. In addition, the Professional Edition of the foreman's office includes complete and integrated storage and an interface to online shops from wholesalers. These watches over product portfolios, created automated order lists and brings a wizard for upcoming inventories with. the import function for complete service specifications, the foreman's office reads completely conforms to DIN or VOB proves to be practical. There, both wage are therefore also listed material components separately, specifically for industries from construction and civil engineering on plumbing and carpentry to heating installations and electrical installations. At a round thing's office will complete by the accounting department, which makes possible in the Professional Edition also partial and progress payments and always keep an eye raises open items. So basically remains hardly a task in artisanal office life not covered.

Restrictions of foreman's office complete

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