Pastry chef wanted! In the free Cookie Jam App User guide a trip bakery that guide them through the whole world. By a known match-3 principle, the player must combine ingredients together to create pastries and desserts. About 1.1000 increasingly difficult levels with different tasks waiting to be puzzled.

Cookie Jam app for sweet tooth and confectioner

The candyshop game Cookie Jam, which consists only of sweets and pastries, could also be an offshoot of Candy Crush smooth. Both studded with candy and joyful colors bright graphics and the identical gameplay the presumption of togetherness close. However, this game app is the work of the US company SGN and not of

Cookie Jam App

The puzzle game can be played on Facebook and iOS and Android devices. For the latter, the offered here free download that can be installed on Android version 2.2. The game offers in-app purchases.

Cookie Jam Android: collect ingredients like crazy

The task of the user is to his little trip bakery in the cookie world always ahead - to bring - from level to level. In order to successfully complete a level, the user must collect diligently ingredients that have been spun in the puzzle wildly. It works in good old match-3 style. so the player is of equal symbols horizontal or vertical rows of at least three ingredients. Incidentally, the longer the chain, the better. Thus, from red hearts, magic green triangles and blue circles at the end of each puzzle delicious sweets like cupcakes, cakes and other sweets.

but the user should ensure that it meets the requirements of the respective levels. As is specified in each puzzle, all the ingredients are collected. Overall, the gamer expect more than 1,100 levels in the cookie Jam Android application.

Cookie Jam App duels

Power-ups and puzzle duels with friends

What relatively easy starts, quickly becomes a tricky affair. Then the players in the Cookie Jam app must take very soon before the gingerbread man in eight, and always solve demanding tasks. Extra power he receives in difficult cases, for example, by the wooden spoon or a piping bag.

Who the challenges in the various puzzles is not enough, also can arrange to meet Facebook friends to exciting duels.