Of the Lottery ticket check download compares with an interface to the Internet, the lucky numbers with your own lottery ticket. In addition, the freeware automatically displays any winnings of 6 from 49-draws.

Compare winning numbers to the lottery ticket check download

In this lottery ticket check supports both Mittwochs- as well as the Saturday draw. Thanks to the free tool, it is no longer necessary to sit down with the tip of paper in his hand on time watching TV. Man wearing just before one's own numbers. After the drawing then just a click away, and lottery ticket check involves the current winning numbers from the net.

Lottery ticket check download

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The respective quotas does not represent the freeware is though, are the soldiers of fortune but at least the information, whether there is a profit to be expected. Note: Both the development of the lottery ticket check yourself as well as the Akualisierung the draw dates set by the manufacturer. Alternative lottery programs are interested in our software catalog.