Money must not be so complicated times bring back from the tax office - even if you have to make a few more complicated entries. With the Taxman download the user receives a solid support to a busy sound, even in difficult cases and to submit to any savings audited income tax return to the tax office.

Taxman downloadIt need not be overwhelming paperwork: With Taxman the tax return can be easily generated on the PC - with many useful tips. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

The Taxman download supports with tips and savings

There are now many tax software on the market that support the user in the tax return. Most of which are tailored to specific cases and circumstances. So there are simple, cost-effective tools, but also a bit more expensive, which depend, inter alia, to self-employed and therefore come with far more features and savings tips. A balance that is aimed at a broad mass of workers, provides the control software Taxman Intuit.

The creation of the tax return is easy with the Taxman download. A wizard guides the user step by step in dialogue style through the process and also provides helpful tips and guidelines for potential savings. Informative videos provide the user with background information. Also, all entries are checked on error: The virtual tax auditor reports directly, should something is true or not be completely conclusive.

Taxman Download WizardA wizard will guide through the process, helping to find potential for optimization and eliminate errors. (Picture: Screenshots Lexware)

Just try: save and optimize

A display indicates after each step, how high the current amount that can be saved. The motivated to make further improvements and to deal with the matter a bit more control. The saving tips the program provide valuable additional information here and cover possible optimization possibilities.

Because the tax is now in many cases become quite accommodating. So no more evidence be claimed for certain expenses. Instead, you go right out of a flat rate, which can be credited. Here it is: It's always worth a try. For all other documents that must be submitted with - again Taxman is incidentally a summary - there is a document manager which assigns this very useful.

Who is satisfied are checked with his income tax return and all entries are correct and optimized - easily check the checklists - which Taxman download offers the possibility of the document either print or conveniently to submit to the tax office by Elster. For Zother possibility but a ELSTER access must be made.

Older versions there's cheaper

Taxman is suitable for employees, families, investors, landlords, homeowners, commuters, overseas workers, pensioners, students and jobseekers.

Employees who are not required to file and what you want to retrieve from the Treasury a bit about the income tax return may still emit tax returns from previous years and thus may also save in the software. Therefore, we have also enclosed a version for the tax return, 2015.