The Twitter beads are a collection of the funniest tweets that users of the micro-blogging service fabricate that. Our selection brings together the best of the best in every category!

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Twitter beads

The matching beads Twitter for the most important situations in life

To place a certain overview not quite, there's sorted the best tweets by topic. And here are our absolute favorites:

Life is not for me

@Pokerbeats writes: If you have the choice to brush or the bathroom to go to the sports that series looks her then?

@lucky_mushroom writes: "Auaaa!" - "Did you burn yourself?" - No, in my culture we welcome hot food from the oven generally with song and dance .. "

@analograuschen writes: "I'm bored." - A set with an incredible number of calories!

@fumpgirl writes: If all else fails, you are too thick for the swing.


@__Pumpkin___ writes: I have a date today. The need to have it now. In the garden there is no space.

@Twelechtra writes: Relationships are beautiful because you have four middle finger for two.

@Killimanscharo writes: "In the mood for speed dating?" - "Sure! Bye!"

compassion & Trost:

@Hartweizenhirn writes: "Hey, why did you put pineapple and ham on the swollen eyes?" - "consolation Hawaii"

@tim_spohn writes: I'll do a wine shop and give all bottles names like "He does not deserve you," "This is just jealous" and "Fuck you all".

@JoeCandies writesI tinker me out of the shards of my life just a disco ball and dance.


@pinokju writes: Real men get everything pushed by the Abflusssieb.

@ Frog1979 writes: The sight of a necklines a woman reduced the male mind of the man by 50%. Per breast.

@ 7_gscheid writes: Men who ignore raised eyebrows in women lose precious seconds to escape.

Career & job

@der_Papa writes: "In the longer term," - - "What goal do you have?" - "Feierabend" "Weekend"

@DrWaumiau writes: In the office kitchen is a colleague with a large knife. Realist: Aha. Pessimist: DC is blood everywhere here! Optimist: Horny, cake!

@katjaberlin writes: I gave up and educate my Excel now anti-authoritarian. The time now is allowed to format each cell as it would like.

@regieklappe writes: "They have a gap on your CV." - "Yes. Was cool. "


@Schamyrha writes: If the wiser always gives way, the loser always get right. And suddenly I understand politics. "

@MaoriHH writes: that / that - since / are - they / you - man / man - Picture / Newspaper

@ Namenlos4 writes: Or we do it this way: the countries that supply weapons to conflict areas must receive refugees. Zack. Peace.

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