Of the download JetAudio plays almost all media files including Internet radio without problems. In addition, the free player manages the local music and video collection.

JetAudio Download: Great CD, audio and video player

Practically built and technically well thought shines JetAudio Basic also with good looks. The freeware are audio and video not only back, but rips and converts music CDs or puts together compilations for burning.

download JetAudio

The media player sports a mixer utility and a 20-band equalizer. The freeware supports popular audio formats and accepts any sound sources on. JetAudio Basic has it all: a built-in equalizer with preset sound profiles for rock, pop, classical or jazz and an electronic bass booster and other sound effects help the amateur DJ to get the best sound from the computer. Not only that, JetAudio also records web radio stations and makes itself useful as a converter.