Fast-winding storms, avalanches, floods and heat waves - the Bavarian State Ministry wants its citizens with the environmentally info app warn of these dangers. User can select different locations and risks where they want to be informed.

environmentally info app: timely warning of dangers

The Environment Ministry responds to climate change, which has already become real, according to the Minister of the Environment Ulrike Scharf, also in Bavaria. Looking back over the last 15 years, Bavaria was hit by four floods. Added to this is the other extreme: So the strongest drought was recorded for 40 years in Lower Franconia this year.These and similar incidents have the Bavarian state government to move to develop a warning app. This was done in collaboration with the Environment Ministry and the German Weather Service (DWD). The application should provide early warning of various environmental hazards and thus long-term help to save lives.

environmentally info app

The app is named environmentally info and is available for iOS and Android. The offered download is environmentally info Android application that can be installed on devices running Android version 4.1.

Setting options in the environmentally info Android application

The user can define three different locations that are relevant for them in the app first. This could be the following locations, for example: the place of residence, place of work on its own or partner and the place where the children's school is located.

Then, the user specifies at what kind of risks they want to be warned. In the app, among others, the following risks are included:

  • flood
  • Heavy thunderstorm
  • the ozone limits are exceeded
  • hailstorm
  • avalanches
  • heat waves

Moreover, one can obtain information on current environmental information. For example, air quality, forest fires or pollen levels in the environment info app can be read. Users can check the weather and environmental situation at any location in Bavaria spontaneously. For this, the app then pulls the GPS data of the user and outputs current data.

environmentally info fire risk app

App fails when severe weather alert

Are the places and hazards selected, the app is able to react in the event of the case. It sends the user a message on the smartphone when a storm threatens or the like. In addition, appear on the home screen of the app warnings.

The design of the app is also kept quite simple and well structured - so that users find your way. The graphics are also shown a large area and therefore easily recognizable.