PowerBASIC Quick Reference is a supplement for 32bit Power Basic. The newly revised and expanded German language reference is primarily intended for unexperienced programmers and beginners, the supplementary under the 32bit Power Basic program components such. want to develop as DLLs etc. Two also newly added sections deal with a reference to a logged example a possible use of licensed Visual Basic ActiveX'e, and on the other hand also an easy to understand assembly language tutorial for understanding an assembler use under PowerBASIC. Illustrative illustrations, and original color-matched explanatory program codes which enable a facilitated orientation in the Power Basic development environment. The entire reference is available as a stand-alone, compact, eBook! That is, the eBook Reader and required are located in a single file! Additional installations are therefore not required. In addition, demo and full product form a complex unit, the demo (according to the motto: first testing - then buying) can always be converted to a full version.