Those who want to edit their photos and categorize which desperately needs a MAGIX Photo Manager Download. With this software, users can also easily share their favorite pictures and clips on social networks and even create CDs and DVDs.

The MAGIX Photo Manager Download brings order to the picture collection

With this freeware organized and the user worked all his digital photos and even imported clips from digital video cameras. Here, the tool reads common images formats and RAW files. These users categorized now use this image editing tools. Following the user to his finished pictures and clips also burn to CD or DVD. These are then played there in sequence with smooth transitions and any time intervals between each photo in a sort of slideshow. Thus offering MAGIX Photo Manager more than many other tools for editing images for free download.

MAGIX Photo Manager Download

MAGIX Photo Manager ensures uncomplicated editing and sharing images

A download of MAGIX Photo Manager comes up with the familiar tools that allow the user to edit his pictures and beautify. These include a tool for Retouching red eyes and other tools for optimizing from

  • brightness
  • sharpness
  • contrast
  • color temperatureIf the photos are finished, the user can play easy upload to social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Co share and so more easily with his friends and acquaintances. In addition, the tool has a face detection for up to ten people.

Easy operation and undeveloped pretty graphic of image editing tools

The program for image processing is one of the prettier his kind: it has a German-speaking, light gray user interface, in the middle of the photo is to see what you want just edit and the menu is at the left and top edges with the tools. Through the intuitive labels of functions both experienced photo editors as well as newcomers get along well with this program.

MAGIX Photo Manager Download screenshots

A small disadvantage, however, there MAGIX Photo Manager: The file is relatively large, so that it consumes a lot of resources on the computer. Furthermore, a free registration to the manufacturer after the siebtägigen probation due. made photo editing simple and beautiful A download of MAGIX Photo Manager is a good choice if the user edit their photos and videos, organize, categorize and optimize want. With many features the image editing software comes to the computer whose operation can be but easily accessible. It is therefore this program is a real download tip.

Limitations of MAGIX Photo Manager

After 7 days, a free registration from the manufacturer will be charged.