fragFINN makes the Internet more child-friendly and -tauglicher. Core of the free web app is a search engine that returns only content based on a so-called White List, which are also suitable for the PC generation. These results can also be reported by parents and other adults and undergo before activation an editorial review. This ensures that the corresponding sides are also suitable for children. However fragFINN not limited purely to the function as a kind of Google Kids, but submit that in addition to suggestions Ansurfen. These include about Surftipp and video of the day, but also a list of news sites, which prepare the day's events in a child-friendly form. As befits a kids page, of course games should not be missing and is rounded sense fragFINN by Stöberecke that invites you to click. For parents fragFINN holds the remainder instructions ready as the portal will be set as homepage in the browser. So you make sure that the offspring lands directly when calling the surfboard in a suitable environment for him.