parcello app

parcello app

The parcello app answered quickly and simply the question "When will my package?" while there are both mobile apps and a web app for tracking and arrival forecast available.

parcello app for tracking by DHL, Hermes, UPS, GLS and DPD

This problem is well acquainted with anyone who expects an important package: With DHL shipment tracking or package tracking of another service provider you are indeed in the picture, on which day arrives the supply, but over time the receiver is usually left by the parcel services completely in the dark , This makes one’s daily planning difficult and the recipient of the package hardly dares to go for shopping or to rotate a round for a walk with the dog, since just at this time the package could arrive.

parcello appparcello app for tracking and arrival forecast of DHL, Hermes, UPS, GLS and DPD (Picture: parcello / Editorial)

For extra information, the app provides parcello. Instead pointless to wait all day at home, reveals parcello when the package is expected to arrive. The receiver can – if the delivery time does not fit – or divert the package on time or arrange a tour for delivery.

How reliable are the times of parcello app?

This raises the question of how reliable are the details of parcello. The manufacturer itself answer the question whether the time information as well as the following always vote: "No, but more often. Because with each new package, the forecast for all users will be better. Until we have achieved our goal, just to say each package on 15 minutes earlier, but it is still a long way."

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parcello Tracking AppThe parcello app gives detailed information about the expected delivery date (image: parcello)

The parcello app offers in addition to the package predicting a shipment tracking, synchronization with the manufacturer’s website, Push Notifications, displaying the location on the map and a delivery time check without tracking number. Currently, the parcello app supports the following parcel delivery:

  • DHL
  • Hermes
  • DPD
  • UPS
  • GLS

parcello Tracking for iOS, Android and desktop computers

The parcello Tracking is available as a web app for the web browser and in mobile versions for Android and iOS devices. Across all platforms, the user experiences that the awaited shipment is already on its way and you will receive a notification when the status of the shipment changes. The parcello prediction works because of the community of users: the most important indications of the narrowing of the time of delivery have already arrived packets from other Emfängern and parcello users in their own street or neighborhood. Therefore, the prediction is more accurate when many users participate in parcello.

Arrival check in with or without tracking number!

Practically, the opportunity just to check a quick little arrival, whether with or without a tracking number. Other Office programs and apps for free download includes our well-stocked software catalog, including the DHL tracking download, the DHL package app and deliveries tracking app.