project Planner

Since the manufacturer Data Becker has suspended business activities, project planners is no longer offered. Alternatively, free programs like OpenProj, CoP2go or XMind similar tasks take. Any project without prior knowledge of A professionally plan, coordinate and control to finish. Whether product launch or large event, trade show participation, or anniversary celebration: If you want to realize your projects on time and without any financial surprises, there is no alternative to a professional project management. With this powerful design software, you can define the necessary stages of the project step by step, coordinate perfectly and precisely controlled. Project planning without previous knowledge: If you store the soil or laid up the projector? When the catering has to be made clear? How many days have to be taken into account for the production and shipping? What costs are incurred by an external agency? The start wizard helps you with concrete, practical example projects about to fix the length, approximate costs and optimal sequence of the necessary stages of the project. After choosing a suitable project title and calendar for your region (incl. Public holidays) is already the backbone of your planning. Clear budget control: After the termination of the project start, you can get the exact time periods for as research, development, production, delivery, etc. eintragenund to start looking for suitable craftsmen, service providers, locations and partner companies. The calculated and actual cost of individual operations can be captured clearly with a few clicks, already enter billed sections absolute and percentage terms. Your current total project costs are permanently displayed. Precise coordination of the sections: As a result you get a precise project schedule, which you can see at a glance the order in which tasks must be performed by whom and how far the individual sections are already well advanced.

Limitations of Project Planner

5 days to fully operate