It is not always desired that you can write data to USB flash drives. Companies are concerned by data theft. With a small registry hack here it provides a solution.

USB write protection set afloat

To write access to USB devices to prevent especially USB sticks, are not adventurous actions such as disabling the USB ports in the BIOS necessary. We'll show you how it works on Windows 7 and XP:

  • Access the Registry Editor. (Windows 7: Begin, "regedit" Enter in the search field. Windows XP: Start, Run, "regedit"). USB write access registry

  • Navigate through the left window to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE&# 91; SYSTEM] (/ windows /) \ CurrentControlSet \ Control

  • Place over To edit and New the key "StorageDevicePolicies" at.

  • Click the newly created key and place over To edit and New one DWORD Value at. Name it Write Protect. Click it finally twice and tell him the value "1" to. To release the write access again, simply delete the DWORD value "Write Protect",

USB write protection software help

USB WriteProtectorThem is via the registry too cumbersome? Of the USB WriteProtector directs a write protect one with only two clicks. Simply select USB write protection A and click OK. In this way you turn off the writer's block again. Download USB WriteProtector With the above means, in particular, companies can protect against data theft by employees. More tips & Tricks for USB:

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