Bid-O-Matic helps in online auctions. The free software automatically observed as many auctions on the sale platform eBay.

Bid-O-Matic download for bids at the last minute

Equipped with the auction number Bid-O-Matic automatically informs the user about the status of individual auctions. In addition to the auction closing the assistant monitors the current highest bid and the remaining auction duration. Clever: The freeware adjusts the time of the computer with the details of the auction server from such a unpleasant surprises commandments spared at the last minute.

Bid-O-Matic is fast and easy to understand. Only the entry of new auctions could be smarter solved. Instead of displaying directly in the program interface, the online offers and then take over, users must first find cumbersome via a browser on the supplier's side after the auction numbers and submit it by hand in Bid-O-Matic.

Bid-O-Matic Download