Photo ID

Photo identification captured imagery in projects and indexed people, objects and places for archival purposes. The shareware offers numerous tools for professional image archiving and genealogy. Photo identification provides a database of location and personal photo information at "witnesses" query and capture. The shareware recorded footage in so-called projects. In addition to people, objects and places in photos captured the helper variety of additional information such as location or collection. With built-in tools to index user people and objects on the screen material. For easier archiving work Photo ID printing registration sheet from with picture and specification tables. Photo ID managed project basis, the editors and the persons covered. Once captured persons are available in all images for mapping. Each person can add as many identifications, which "disagreements" can be adjusted at a later date. With photo identification amateur genealogists get a powerful picture archiver for photos of all kinds. Suitable applications for the administrator should also facilities such as clubs or newspaper archives to be.

Limitations of Photo ID

&# 45; Note window at startup &# 45; watermark "DEMO version -" on the photo &# 45; When printing the first four letters of the names with "DEMO" replaced