Anyone looking for a free Excel template for recording the daily working hours, should the Timesheet download to grab.

Time sheet download: Easy identification and control of working hours

The time sheet template captures the daily working meticulously, so that is always a good overview of the time worked in hours and minutes are available. The Office Template provides both employees and supervisors useful services for the quick and easy identification and control of working hours. In the working template every day from Monday to Sunday are listed. For each day four time blocks can be entered. Breaks are automatically deducted from the time worked.

Working template for Excel and other spreadsheet software

The time sheet download ensures that with a careful out the list week after week a good overview and a reliable detection is ensured on the work done. The Office Template is compatible with Microsoft Excel and free version of 2007. Who another spreadsheet such as OpenOffice Calc used instead of Excel, the time sheet template can also be used without problems. Within the Office Template macros are included.

Timesheet downloadTimesheet download for convenient identification and control of working hours (Image: Timo mother)

The green marked fields are calculated automatically

The handling of the time sheet is easy. The author points out that the green colored fields are calculated automatically. Here, then please delete anything or enter. Fields for name, first name, other and week are available. The times are entered in the format 13:00 (for 13 o'clock). The following columns appear in the table: day, date, from, to, hours total, pause, hours net and work.

The total work done working week is calculated automatically. The box below accepts the weekly hours set so that you have a good comparison between the completed and planned work hours. Those looking for more templates and forms for free download, will find in our well-stocked software catalog.