Fire CE 1080 (Titanium Edition Gold)

Fire Comprehensive Edition 1080 was formerly known as fire Titanium Edition Gold and warms the heart of screensaver fans. The shareware conjures a recorded with a video camera fire in HD resolution on the monitor. However, making fire Comprehensive Edition 1080 not only useful as a screen saver, but displayed in window mode "just because" a crackling little fire on the monitor. The background sound can also adapt to different weather conditions. If you like, for example, the whistling of the wind and pelting rain, interrupted by the roar of thunder in the stormy autumn night, can adjust these effects in addition. A particularly attractive feature fireplace Comprehensive Edition offers 1080 its users to make their own fireplaces and integrate them into the screensaver option. This limited while on the ledge of the fireplace, but one transfers the image of the monitor seat cover at the TV connected via HDMI or video cable on the TV screen. In the download area, there are still two free extensions that zus├Ątziche chimney views and a hut on Svalbard contain.

Limitations of fire CE 1080 (Titanium Edition Gold)

The trial version is for three days functional.