Battlefield Hardline 2023

Battlefield Hardline

in the Battlefield Hardline Download it’s all about hard clashes between cops and criminals in several US cities. The player can choose one side of the law and, optionally, go on raids or enlighten them. Particularly interesting and intense is the multiplayer mode of the shooter, in the multi-player experience, among others, bank robberies and kidnappings.

Battlefield Hardline Download: single-player campaign in 10 episodes

Those who prefer the single-player campaign, takes on the role of Detective Nick Mendoza from the Miami Police Department. He aims to avenge the death of a colleague. Along with his new partner Khai he mixes the underworld powerful. Nick and Khai are also outside the city in use and suspect corrupt colleagues within the police.

Battlefield Hardline Download

Inspired by crime series on TV

The action game similar to the crime series on television and was inspired according to developers also by the TV detective series. The boundaries between film and computer game while becoming increasingly blurred. Some faces will happen to the player known as the episode-based single-player campaign of Hollywood actors and authors such as Alexandra Daddario (True Detective), Wendy Calhoun (Justified) and Benito Martinez (The Shield) is presented. Compared to the Battlefield predecessors the player has more freedom to excavate the underworld with his tactics. The story is divided into 10 episodes and has, as expected, several dramatic twists.

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New Wettkampfmodi in Battlefield Hardline on board

For additional voltage make new Wettkampfmodi: The rescue and the crosshair mode are perfect for a competition-oriented gameplay, such as the liberation of hostages or the Protect and Attack of VIPs. In multiplayer mode, gamers can pick three teammates as co-driver with the car. The developers have this very on the details of the game. So you have 19 songs on the car radio in the playlist, for example, in the madcap chases. Each player can play a different role in the gangster or a cop team and act in his favorite class, either as a professional, Enforcer, mechanic or operator.

Battlefield Hardline Download Cops

Scenes of action games ranging from LA to the Everglades

Seven game modes are after Battlefield Hardline Download to choose from (robbery, Blood Money, Life, crosshairs, Hotwire, conquest and team deathmatch). Among other things, the player hits a criminal a bank vault, stealing cars or saves a cop hostage. Who successfully completed the tasks, rising to the rank. On location for the battles between cops and criminals, there are nine maps of downtown Los Angeles to the Everglades in Florida.

Battlefield Hardline Download Gangsters

Battlefield Hardline has a large arsenal of weapons

When weapons in the shooter lethal and non-lethal weapons are available. If you prefer stealth and melee attacks against desolate Plink, among other uses stun gun, baton and other melee weapons. The fighting in confined spaces are quite fast and entertaining and replace tank battles and Jetduelle from the first Battlefield games. Another positive aspect is that in the beta of the shooter from the technical problems of previous games there was little to remember and the game runs quite smoothly. Battlefield Hardline will be available from 19/03/2015. More Shooter for free download are ready in our extensive games offering.

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