astragon tried again on a remake of "Ports of Call", Once the publisher has marketed a Classic Edition of the simulation in the last year, now is a 3D version in the wings.

"Ports of Call" is a classic trade simulation. The game first appeared almost 20 years ago, at that time for the Amiga. After astragon last year a Classic Edition "Ports of Call" has released, the Mönchengladbach publishers a completely new version of the PC game now announces for October this year. Just in time for holiday shopping is to "Ports of Call 2008" appear at a price of 29.99 euros ?? with time-honored economic simulation engine, but this time in full 3D.

treacherous wet

The player takes on the role of a shipping company owner. He must establish a merchant fleet and transport goods across the seven seas. 15 different ship types to choose from. Prerequisite for success is a lucky hand when trading and the choice of freighters, organizational and coordination skills and last but not least a little bit of luck.

Because the business at sea is quite tricky: not only the competition put the young entrepreneurs to - stormy weather, shoals and icebergs make the player constantly faced problems. Also difficult maneuvering of the maritime vehicles in one of the 100 different ports designed. Dexterity is therefore also necessary.

The virtual shipping company

However, the virtual office will be operated. In addition to the purchase or sale of ships accounts for example, have observed, recorded mortgages and statistics are kept. "Ports of Call 2008" also provides navigation training sequences with the Queen Mary 2, a Ecranoplane and a hovercraft and is also a network.