Photo Wall

Photo Wall - the name says it all. The freeware creates collagen from any number of pictures and scores here with a certain momentum when placing the images. Once you have loaded the desired images in Photo Wall, it goes to's Place. Here, a certain momentum of the program makes it useful. For turning and moving photos, it may cause some not directly desired effects, but bring in the results give some pep in the collage. Alternatively, the free software automatically arranges all the images at your fingertips. In addition, basic image effects, text annotations and an integrated Web image search lure. The final compilation exported photo Wall either picture, it sets without detours as a desktop wallpaper, prints out or transmits it to a corresponding service fee to make a poster. Chic Goodie: The export vector graphics as an SVG file is possible. All in all shows Photo Wall Although one or another Operating the generic weakness, but produced not least because of the dynamics in the placement of images nice results. So the photo collages freeware definitely worth a look.